About Us

Our Story

We provide an happy environment for each of our 75+ Gir cows to roam freely, without any undue stress. Our family community, who revere the cows as their mother, manages our farm as their own home making sure they are well fed and looked after. Since the immunity of our cows is extremely high, we usually don’t need the services of a veterinarian.

Starting a Farm

Ksheerdhenu (Shivashri Organic Dairy and Farm) was started in 2020. We are a team of ambitious infused with the love of rich Indian Culture. We think organic and produce organically. We at ksheerdhenu focus on producing products from our own mainland desi Gir cow and wish to educate the people of our country on the importance of organic milk and its health benefits.

Organic Dairy and Farm

Ksheerdhenu aims at making our society healthy by providing 100% natural, organic, nutritious, unadulterated, and fresh out of the farm A2 milk and dairy products at the doorstep. We believe in infusing our Indian culture into our products with the goodness of the Indian palate. We understand what is good for you and your family at the same time creating a sustainable environment.

Why choose Ksheerdhenu A2 Gir Cow Milk?

Free Range Gir Cows

No Harmonal Injections

Chemical Free & Natural Fodder

Eco Friendly Glass Bottles

Farm to Home within 12 hours

From Grass-fed & Pastured Gir Cow

Ksheerdhenu A2 desi Gir cow ghee is a perfect blend of Indian and Vedic culture. It is 100% pure, organic, and nutritious, prepared using 5000 years old traditional Bilona Method. Our A2 ghee is made from our grass-fed Gir Cow. Experience the beauty and good health of organic ghee inside out.

Grass Fed Cows

Gir Cow Milk

Curd & Makkhan

Organic & Vedic

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Where to Buy

Our Products are currently available at select retailers in Eastern Suburbs (Mumbai)